Walter Mace Chapter
Verger's Guild Of The Episcopal Church
Diocese of Texas
Servitas in cultu et cultus per servitatem
Service in Worship and Worship through Service

If you are in the Diocese of Texas and interested in becoming a member of the Walter Mace Chapter of the Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church please download the membership application form and send it to the membership committee. Please feel free to join us at our next quarterly training meeting. The time, place and contact to send an r.s.v.p. can be found on the Events page.

Susan Ashley-Lafitte
Robert Askew
Emmanuel - Houston
Vyonne Carter-Johnson
Grace - Houston
Tamara Clothier
St. Luke's - Belton
William Cox
St. John's - LaPorte
Doug Davis
Emmanuel - Houston
Anna Goza
Trinity - Houston
Mark Goza
Trinity - Houston
Charlotte Renee Gressett
Michael Holder
Kenneth A. Holloway
St. Richard's - Round Rock
Pat Hudson
Trinity - Marble Falls
Gerald F. Inman
James L. Knoedler
St. Thomas the Apostle - Nassau Bay
Mark Marmon
St. Mark's - Bellaire
Martha Martz
Trinity - The Woodlands
Margaret Metcalf
Earl Nesbitt
Good Shepherd - Austin
Sarah Peters
Martin W. Rasmussen
St. John's - Austin
George W. Richter
St. Luke's - Belton
Paul Skeith
Glen A. Turner
Palmer - Houston
Joanne Welker
Trinity - The Woodlands
Donald R. Wertz
All Saints - Austin