Walter Mace Chapter
Verger's Guild Of The Episcopal Church
Diocese of Texas
Servitas in cultu et cultus per servitatem
Service in Worship and Worship through Service
Resources - Collection of Information
Altar Guild
AIC Guidelines for the Care of Collections
AIC Guidelines for the Selection of a Conservator
Altar Flowers
Altar Guild dictionary
Care of poinsettias
Crown of Thorns instructions
Holy Oils
How to make ribbon banners
Hows and Whys of Incense

Pacific cloth bags back
Pacific cloth bags front
Palm branches
Pest Chart from the Textile Museum  
Poinsettia Care
Pacific cloth bags front
Poinsettia Care brochure
Risk of Infection brochure
Veiling crosses

Biblical Languages
Biblical fonts
Biblical Hebrew Greek Aramiac

Biblical Languages
Versions of the bible

Church Management
2005 VGEC Parish registers
Beyond Cash and Checks
Episcopal Charities

Grants for Religious Organizations
HCEC Alice Kerr
Records Management for Congregations

Church Organization
Convocations of DOT
Map of the Diocese of Texas
Province VII map

Province VII Diocesan addresses map
United States Provinces map
What is Province VII of ECUSA

Assessing church websites
Assessing church communications
DOT Communications Manual
Guidelines for televising the liturgy
Guidelines for electronic newsletters

Harassment Policy DOT
Harassment Policy - Bullying - Diocese of Wales
Websites of Interest

Bishops customary
Bishops 2 customary
Diocesan bishop visitation
Diocesan Liturgical Commission
Funeral customary
Holy Saturday and Easter Vigil

Liturgical customary
Bishop's Miter
Paschal candle
Procession form blank

Christ Church
Designation of Christ Church
Easter dating method
English versions of the Bible
Flowers of the Bible

Oxford beadles
Camp Allen - Rosa Lum Allen
Trees from the Bible

Instructed Eucharist
Colors of the church year
Diocese of Montreal
For children - Diocese of Montreal
Instructed Eucharist 1

Instructed Eucharist 2
Instructed Eucharist 3
Other Instructed Eucharists

Just for Fun
BCP Treasure Hunt 1
BCP Treasure Hunt 2
BCP Treasure Hunt 3
Fr Flamingo
Shrove Tuesday pancake procession

The High Holy Church of Our Lady of the Bandwidth
Treasure Hunt answers 1
Treasure Hunt answers 2
Treasure Hunt answers 3

Lay Ministry
2005 Training Seminar bibliography
ECW History project
Ft Worth Licensed Lay Ministry handbook
Guidelines for Lay Ministers for the Liturgy
Lay Eucharistic Visitor

New LEM guide
Recommended Library
VGEC resource from ECLA 2005
Volunteer versus Called

About Holy Week
Acolyte LEM
Blessing of a Fleet
Blessing of Holy Water
Blessing of the Animals checklist a
Blessing of the Animals checklist b
Blessing of the Animals leaflet
Blessing of the Animals (St Francis)
Distribution of Holy Communion
Episcopal Holy Water
Greening of the church

La Quinceanera Celebration
Liturgical customary - St. Dubricus
Liturgical Churches
Liturgy manual
Order for Holy Communion
Prayers of the People
Service of Blessing
Stations of the Cross
Sunday of Christ the King
Trinity Sunday
World Mission Sunday liturgy

CPI copyright
Emergency if You are First

Fire Wise
Risk of Infection brochure

Anglican Rosary
Having a Rule of Life

Creating a Rule of Life

Verger Ministry
Hints and Tips
Observations on Contemporary Leadership
Sample Job Description

The Lay Ministry of a Verger
Verger Manual - St. Paul's
Walter Mace Chapter emblem

About the Revised Common Lectionary
Hispanic Altar manual
Lift Up Your Hearts
Multicultural Liturgies
O God and What If prayers

Preaching Cross-culturally
Sanctus Bells
Starting a Hispanic Mission
The Book of Common Prayer
Theses on Worship